Travel Medicine Center

Now more than ever, people are traveling to remote destinations throughout the world. When traveling abroad there is important medical information that every traveler needs.

Brochure (PDF) from the CDC. To view this in Windows®, you can use the free Adobe® Reader®.

We are committed to providing specialized counseling and immunizations that are necessary for safe travel outside of the United States. Our office can provide you with the most accurate and current information for travel to your destination and can help with all the necessary precautionary information prior to departure. These services offer you, the traveler, the best protection against opportunistic infections.

Travel medicine is concerned with the prevention and management of health problems associated with international travel. We provide the traveler with expert advice regarding specific health risks and preventative measures.

The Travel Medicine Center can provide you with information regarding the required and recommended vaccinations for your destination country. All travel patients receive pre-traveling counseling on food and water precautions, insect precautions, malaria prophylaxis as well as specific disease outbreak information throughout the world.

The Travel Medicine Center also provides post travel evaluation should it be warranted.

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